Hello everyone! My wife and I have four silver male and two silver female AKC registered weimaraners we are selling. We made this quick webpage to host the puppies' information and pictures. If you have any questions, please email us at RiverbendJ@hotmail.com. Below, we will start off by posting information about the puppies, and after that we will post information about the puppies' parents. At the end of this description, we will post pictures of the puppies and their parents.

These puppies and their parents are all AKC registered, and they all have documented pedigrees, medical records, shots, vitamins, and regular check ups since birth. My wife takes better care of the dogs than she does me! :-)

Below, you can find pictures of the puppies from their birth up until early October. All six puppies are very lively and playful, and none of them are shy or withdrawn. As of October 13, the puppies were 8 weeks old. They have thier tails and dew claws docked, as well as their 8 week shots and worming medicinesd. They already have their AKC papers. We keep the puppies and their mother in our home's basement in a penned-in area that is well kept and cleaned multiple times daily with all natural cleaners that have no chemicals in them. The puppies' father stays up stairs while the pups ween from the mother, but they all play together outside. Over the last ten days, the puppies have not been pooping on the papers overnight, but rather have waited until they are let outside in the morning. This is very good for them to have this good habit at a young age! We have also let our neighbors' two boys (ages 5 and 7) come over several times to play with the puppies. Also, a few other neighbors come over regularly to play with them. We also have two cats that the puppies are around, which is a good thing for family socialization of hunting breeds such as the weimaraner. They are VERY social and run up to you with their tails wagging! We feed them Purina One puppy food and only all-natural dog treats.

The puppies' parents are a silver male named Porter and a blue female named Daisy. Porter is 6 years old and Daisy is 3 years old. Both of these dogs were purchased from weimaraner breeders. Porter is from Virginia and Daisy is from Georgia. We paid $300 for Porter and $600 for Daisy. They have very good blood lines! To speak my person opinion, Daisy is the best dog I have ever been around. She has been through PetSmart's Puppy Head Start and Advanced training classes and passed both of them with flying colors. She also had pre-natal vitamins and calcium supplements while she was pregnant with the puppies. Porter has never been formally trianed, but we have worked with him using the same techniques that we learned with Daisy's training and it has worked well with his obediance. They are both very loyal and protective dogs and learn quickly. We have a folder with records of each parent's regular vet visits, yearly shots, AKC papers, and other information. They eat Purina Pro Plan (salmon flavor), vegetables, and brown rice on a daily basis, along with snacking on all-natural treats (no fillers or by-products.) They take Front Line flea and tick medicine and Heart Guard heart worm medicine monthly.

We are selling our four male silver weimaraners for $290 each, and our two female silver weimaraners for $450 each. Please feel free to check the Atlanta area for weimaraners that have the amount of detailed documentation as ours. Again, if you have any questions, please email us at RiverbendJ@hotmail.com.

Here is a video of the puppies playing outside on October 7.
Here is a video of Daisy (the mother) at PetSmart dog school:
Here is a video of Porter (the father) obeying commands:

Below, you will find pictures of the puppies, followed by the mother, and finally the father. Some pictures of the mother and father are obviously old, which we did so you can see their age progression. You can scroll down to view them all.




For more information, please email RiverbendJ@hotmail.com